Electrical High Voltage Resin Cast Current Transformer For Indoor Insulation Use

Place of Origin WENZHOU
Brand Name QIUPU
Certification IEC/60044-2
Model Number JDZ10-10(A)
Minimum Order Quantity 50PCS
Packaging Details Cartons/Woodens
Delivery Time 7 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 50000PCS/Months
Product Details
Material Casting Resin/Epoxy Resin Insulation Level 7.2/36/60kV
Rated Power 50Hz/60Hz Accuracy Class 0.2/0.5/1/3 , 0.2/0.2
Color Red, Brown Rated Voltage Ratio 3000/100 , 10000/100/220
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high voltage current transformer


zero sequence current transformer

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Product Description

JDZ10-10(A) Cast Resin Epoxy Resin Indoor High Voltage Current



The instruments are mostly needle-type current voltmeters, so the secondary current of the current Transformer is mostly amped-grade(E. G. 5). With the development of the times, most of the power measurements have reached the digital, and the computer sampling signal is usually mA(0-5V, 4-20mA, etc.). The secondary current of the micro current Transformer is milliampere, which acts as a bridge between the large Transformer and the sample. The miniature current Transformer is called the "current Transformer for equipment". (`` Instrument Current Transformer "has a meaning that is used in laboratories for multicurrent than precise current Transformers, generally used to extend the meter range. ) The circuit diagram of current Transformer is similar to that of transformer, which is based on electromagnetic induction.



The primary winding is called the primary winding(or the primary winding). The N2 connection measuring instrument of winding is called secondary winding(or secondary winding, secondary winding). The current ratio between primary winding current I1 and secondary winding I2 is called the actual current ratio K. The current ratio of a miniature current Transformer operating under rated operating current is called rated current ratio, which is expressed by Kn. Kn = I1n/I2n . General current Transformer structure principle: the current Transformer structure is relatively simple, by mutual insulation primary winding, secondary winding, iron core and frame, shell, terminal, etc. The operating principle is basically the same as that of Transformer. The number of turn(N1) of primary winding is small, and the primary load current(I1) is directly connected to power line.



Due to the equal amperes of primary winding and secondary winding, the rated current Transformer has very little load impedance than the current Transformer. The secondary winding is close to the short-circuit state and is equivalent to a short-circuit running Transformer. The core current Transformer does not have a primary winding of its own structure. The load current leads from L1 to L2 act as a primary winding through a circular(or other shape) iron core made of rolling Silicon steel. The second winding is wrapped directly and evenly around the circular iron core, and the secondary load of the current coil, such as the instrument, relay and transmitter, forms a closed loop in series. On the other hand, the less the number and the larger the ratio, the rated current is more than I1/n: type I1 -- a rated current at the time of the on-ramp; N-Number of heart-piercing.


Rated Voltage Ratio Accuracy class Insulation Level
3000/100 , 10000/100/220 0.2/0.5/1/3 , 0.2/0.2 7.2/36/60kV