Multi Colored PVC Thermo Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing For Electrical Copper Row

Place of Origin WENZHOU
Brand Name QIUPU
Certification IEC
Model Number PVC
Minimum Order Quantity 1000M
Packaging Details Cartons
Delivery Time 6 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 100000M/Months

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Product Details
Color Red/Yellow/Blue Out Diemensim 2.8mm-38mm
Thickness 0.08mm-0.15mm Withstand Temperature 85
High Light

underground electrical conduit pipe


electrical heat shrink sleeve

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Product Description

PVC Heat Shrinkables Tuble Sleeving With Electrical Copper Row



PVC thermal tube

PVC heat shrink sleeve has the special function of heating contraction, heating over 98 ℃ can contract, easy to use. The products are divided into 85 ℃ and 105 ℃ according to the temperature tolerance two series, the specification is 2-can 200, the product conforms to the European Union RoHS environmental directive. Used for electrolytic capacitor, inductor, good high temperature resistance, no quadratic shrinkage, can be printed. Used for various rechargeable battery monomer, combination packaging, and for design, printing patterns, and can be cut for customers. Used for covering all kinds of curtain rod, bath rod, hanging rod, mop rod, broom handle, tool rod, telescopic rod, garden tool, pole and so on. It can be used for the identification and insulation outer coating of low pressure indoor busbar, joint and wire bundle. High efficiency, low investment in equipment and low overall cost. The package used for lighting, LED pins, as well as the guitar, packaging bottle, is the new packaging material. Whether it's civilian, vehicle or military, it's the first choice.



PET thermo tube

PET thermo-shrink tube(polyester thermo-shrink tube) from the thermal resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical properties are greatly exceeded by the PVC thermo-shrink casing, more importantly, PET thermo-shrink tube is non-toxic, easy to recover, will not toxic effects on the human body and the environment, more environmental requirements.
The environmental performance of PET thermotubes is higher than that of the European Union RoHS Directive, which can meet the Sony SS-00259 environmental standards. The environmental performance of PET thermotubes is higher than that of the European Union RoHS Directive, which can meet the Sony SS-00259 environmental standards. Cadmium(Cd), lead(Pb), Mercury(Hg), hexavalent Chromium(CrVI), PBBs, PBDEs and PCBs, PCB(PCB), PCB(PCT), PCN(PCN), PCN(PCN), etc.. Fully meets export requirements.



The thermoplastic tube is a thermoplastic tubular material, also called the thermoplastic tube, some people also called thermoplastic tube. It is widely used in electronic, electric, electrical, mechanical and other industries. It is mainly used for insulation and protection, but also for various other uses, such as decoration. So for different applications, there are different materials of the thermal shrink casing. The so-called material is actually a comprehensive material formula, including a variety of materials, mainly the main materials, flame retardants, plasticizers, antioxidants and so on. The main material, of course, is the material that determines the main properties of the tube, and the auxiliary material can increase or increase some properties, so when we talk about the material of the heat casing, it actually means the main material. According to the current product series, the main materials can be divided into PE polyethylene heat shrink casing, PVC heat shrink casing, PET heat shrink casing, Tieflon heat shrink casing, EVA heat shrink casing, rubber heat shrink casing and other new materials heat shrink casing and so on.Some people also say that polyolefin thermal condensation casing, polyester thermal condensation casing, in fact, these two are a general term, olefins and esters are a large category of chemicals, such as our polyethene, polyvinyl chloride is a polyalkene, PET is a polyester. There are, of course, differences, even if they are also polythene thermosetting, because polyethylene is divided into many categories, such as HDPE, which has only a small number of short chains. Low density polyethylene(LDPE) molecular chain is a large number of long chain branched; Linear low density polyethylene(LLDPE), not containing long chain branched, but containing short side branched, "linear" means no long chain branched .


In the industry, the shrinkage ratio is 2: 1, 3: 1, 4: 1.
If it is specific to the type of shrinkage ratio, it is specific to the use of the product, such as: you need to fit the size of the diameter of the product, simple use, the thermal shrinkage ratio is not required.
The size of the tube is usually the product of multiplying the maximum diameter of the tube with the shrinkage.

Hot shrink sleeve is a special polyolefin material heat shrink sleeve, or EVA material. The outer layer is made of high quality and soft crosslinking polyolefin material and inner layer hot melt adhesive. The outer layer has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion prevention, wear resistance, and the inner layer has the advantages of low melting point and high adhesion of waterproof sealing box.


Withstand Voltage  6kV
Withstand Temperature 105 degreeX1000 Hours