Electrica Indoor Vacuum High Voltage Disconnect Switch 12kV Light Weight

Place of Origin WENZHOU
Brand Name QIUPU
Certification IEC
Model Number FKN12A-12RD
Minimum Order Quantity 20PCS
Packaging Details WOODENS
Delivery Time 7 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability 50000 PCS/Month
Product Details
Rate Voltage 12kV Frequency Voltage 42kV
Stable Current 31.5kA/4s Life 1000 Times
Abltidue 8 Filth Level II
High Light

hv disconnect switch


load break disconnect switch

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Product Description

FKN12A-12D High Voltage Indoor Vacuum Disconnect Switch with Switchgear



1. The type FKN12-12RD high voltage indoor vacuum load switch and electrical comination is use for Three phase alternating current Concurrent 50HZ industrial power euipments , its can laod control and protect short current . Load switch is open-close load , closed current , and charging cables current . Electrical comination can close any current . There can be use by hand and power . FKN12-12RD is designed by drive type , light weight . Temperature is from 40 degree to -25 degree . Earthquake strength is 8 .


2. A load switch is an electrical switch between an isolation switch and a circuit breaker. It has a simple arc extinguishing device that can cut the rated load current and a certain overload current, but can not cut the short circuit current.


3. Under the action of the separation spring, the spindle rotates clockwise, on the one hand, the piston moves upwards through the crank slide mechanism, compressing the gas. On the other hand, two sets of four-rod drive system make the main gate knife open first, then push the arc cutter to open the arc contact, the compressed air in the cylinder through the vent to extinguish the arc.


4. The circuit breaker is mainly used in motors and Transformers with large capacity and substations with frequent breakdowns. The load switch can break the normal load current and has certain arc extinguishing ability. The isolation switch does not have any breakability and can only be broken without any load current. It acts as an electrical isolation device. The circuit breaker has the function of breaking the accident load, and with all kinds of relay protection, plays the role of protecting electrical equipment or circuit. The isolation switch is a switch that meets the isolation requirement at the disconnecting position. The load switch is a switch that can break the normal load current. A circuit breaker is a protective appliance with overload, short circuit and undervoltage protection.


Item Technical data
Rated voltage (KV)     12    
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Insulator(capacity) insulating Frequency withstand voltage 5 min (KV)     42    
Frequency withstand voltage 1 min (V) 2000
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (KV)     75    
 Level J
Altitude  1000