220kV Electrical Switchgear Components Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substation

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Place Of Origin Zhejiang, China Scenes To Be Used Tire Cranes, Rail Cranes And Other Mechanical Equipment
Internal Equipment Custom Made Color Custom Made
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220kV Electrical Switchgear Components


Intelligent Prefabricated Substation


Modular Prefabricated Substation

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Product Description

product description

ZMSIB 220kV and below modular intelligent prefabricated cabin substation is a new generation of intelligent substation promoted by the State Grid. It has safety and reliability, small footprint, short construction period, small and exquisite appearance, long service life, no radiation, low noise, Advantages such as flexible layout. The main transformer adopts the world's advanced products, which is safe and reliable, low noise, no leakage, no hanging core; the whole station has no exposed conductors, no exposed electrical equipment, and good enclosure protection to prevent accidental electric shock; the whole station is compact layout Compared with civil construction substations, the floor area and height are reduced by more than 30%, which reduces the urban space occupancy rate; all the equipment of the substation adopts the modular design concept of building blocks, and each module realizes factory production, assembly-type construction, and on-site civil work Compared with conventional civil construction substations, the amount of equipment installation has been reduced by more than 70%, and the equipment installation workload has been reduced by more than 80%; the equipment does not need to be closed when entering the site, and there is no dust and noise pollution during the construction process; Improve the harmony of urban planning and integrate with the surrounding environment; the transformer is placed in a prefabricated cabin, and the noise of the substation is reduced to below 40 decibels through firewall technology, sound barrier technology, and electromagnetic shielding technology to meet the requirements of the city’s environmental impact assessment and eliminate the surrounding environment. Noise pollution in residential quarters; due to the realization of the modularization of substations, it can be flexibly arranged according to the topography of the site, fully solving the difficulties of land acquisition, construction, and landing of urban central substations. It is a new mode of substation construction.

Substation characteristics

Fast-3 months factory production cycle, 1 month on-site construction cycle.
•Small-small area, which is 30%-70% smaller than that of conventional substation construction.
•The fine-shell adopts the international advanced six anti-corrosion technology, 30 years of corrosion-free, 60-year service life. The main electrical equipment adopts maintenance-free equipment, which is safe and reliable. Exquisite processing technology, exquisite appearance design.
•Province—standardized design, factory processing, and prefabricated construction can save 5%-10% of the overall investment of the whole station. Compact layout of the substation, using advanced system integration technology, saving 30%-70% of land resources.
• Flexible modular structure of building blocks can adopt a flexible building block construction mode according to the geographical location of the site, or it can be constructed in phases according to the current long-term plan; the migration is convenient, and the entire site can be relocated in the shortest time.

Scope of application

The products can not only be used in urban central areas to solve the problem of difficult landing of conventional substations, but also widely used in traditional energy industries such as coal and petroleum, and new energy industries such as photovoltaics and wind power. At the same time, with its "building block modular" design, production and transportation assembly mode, it is especially suitable for places with inconvenient road transportation such as suburbs and remote mountainous areas.


Using the most reliable electrical equipment in the world, combining the system integration technology of outdoor box-type substation cabinets and the original prefabricated cabin manufacturing technology, the substation is divided into modules according to functions and standards
Design, factory production, and modular construction. According to the different configurations of various substations, different modules are selected to realize the modular combination. It has the characteristics of small footprint, short construction period, high safety and reliability, and beautiful appearance, which completely subverts the tradition. The construction mode of substations fully solves the problem of difficulty in landing large and medium-sized urban central substations.                                                                                                                  Modular design, the whole station is divided into six types of distribution modules:
110kV prefabricated cabin GIS combined electrical module
10kV prefabricated cabin switch station module prefabricated cabin secondary combined equipment module prefabricated cabin transformer module                                                                                                                      10kV prefabricated cabin grounding transformer arc suppression coil
10kV prefabricated cabin type reactive power compensation system                                                                       Layout of tight-type substations:
product description
Greatly reduce floor space
Original three-dimensional layout of prefabricated cabins
110kV prefabricated cabin-type GIS combined electrical appliances are placed on the top to save space
The prefabricated cabin type 10kV switch station and the prefabricated cabin of the secondary combined equipment are arranged in the shape of the finished product
Box-type substation series     
                                                                                    Symmetrical arrangement of prefabricated cabin transformer                                                                                       The fire passage is arranged between the three-dimensional substation and the transformer
Flexible building block construction according to site topography                                                                                     • The 10kV wiring method can be flexibly designed according to user needs, and the horizontal GIS combined electrical appliance is jointly developed with Siemens, which is completely maintenance-free;
• The 10kV system is a single busbar section, and high-end and high-end fixed switch cabinets such as Siemens and ABB are used, which are completely maintenance-free;
• Adopt a fixed compensation system, and configure a grounding transformer arc suppression coil module according to the needs of station construction;
• Maintenance-free, unattended, intelligent management and control substation;
• The artistic appearance is in harmony with the urban environment;
• The prefabricated cabin adopts the world's advanced technologies such as double-layer steel plate foaming technology, six-layer anti-corrosion technology, and broken bridge thermal insulation, which fully meets the 60-year service life requirement of the main building of the substation;
• Patented micro-positive pressure dust-proof technology, box body insulation technology and intelligent environmental control technology create a constant temperature, constant humidity, and dust-free operating environment for electrical equipment, surpassing traditional indoor substations; • Dimensions of each prefabricated cabin module Standardized modulus is adopted to meet transportation requirements without exceeding limits.


220kV Electrical Switchgear Components Modular Intelligent Prefabricated Substation 0
The electrical room is the core part of the control on tire cranes, rail cranes and other mechanical equipment. It not only has a solid shell, but also has the functions of fire and heat insulation, and the protection level is higher than IP54.
Products Description
Use high-quality section steel tailor-welded to form a high-strength frame, covered with high-quality
steel plate processed by CNC machine tools, and the entire electrical room has a neat and flat appearance;
The inner frame is lined with fireproof and heat insulating materials for internal decoration, the surroundings are riveted with thin steel plates, the top is suspended, and the joints are layered;
The door is an outward-opening structure, with fixed windows on the door, and a double-layer sealing tape around the door frame: single door and double door;
The indoor floor is a detachable 4.0-thick steel plate, which can be spread with non-slip carpets;
The electrical room paint adopts polyurethane paint, and the thickness is determined according to user requirements;
Internal equipment components can be selected according to user requirements;
If the user has other special requirements, please explain when ordering.
custom made
custom made
custom made
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