24kV-250A/400A High Tension Epoxy Resin Switchgear Bushing / APG High Voltage Bushing

Place of Origin WENZHOU
Brand Name QIUPU
Certification IEC
Model Number 224
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Cartons
Delivery Time 7 Days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union
Product Details
Name Epoxy Resin Switchgear Bushing Material Casting Resin
Color Red/Brown Rated Voltage 24kV
Frequency Voltage 65kV Other Name High Voltage Bushing
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Product Description

24kV-250A/400A High Tension Epoxy Resin Switchgear Bushing / APG High Voltage Bushing




          Epoxy resin molding machine is a special pressure gel equipment which produces the product of the finished edge, casing, contact box, Transformer, etc.
          The following models are available: epoxy resin molding machine 868-V, heating plate 800 x 650mm, epoxy resin molding machine 888-V, heating plate 800 x 800mm, epoxy resin molding machine 10108-V heating plate 1000 X 1000mm, epoxy resin molding machine 858-2V heating plate 800 x 500MM, epoxy resin molding machine is our factory through many years of practical experience and improved design, and the pressure of epoxy resin molding machine has been verified by customers for many years To date, a complete series of epoxy pressure molding machines have been developed


     To date, a complete series has been developed. The pressure molding machine of epoxy resin adopts PTL C, which is more humane, and has the following characteristics in comparison with the domestic products:
The 10-year-old model has been lengthened from 3.2 meters to 3.4 meters at the moment, optimizing the space available for monopolists.
      2, 3 kinds of whole machine can be vertical, horizontal tilt. After opening the die, close the end of the motor press twist, monopolist can enter the machine to take products, liquidation mold.
       3, concave convex core pumping mechanism, from the original two guide posts to four guide posts, so that the guide function better, concave convex core pumping more stable.
      4, concave and convex translation by screw handle adjustment and positioning, and locking nut. Undo the hydraulic moving die position when damaging the die.
      5, and each electric heating equipment equipped with an ammeter, can show in real time the heating pipe functional spat.
     6. Left, upper and lower(close to the mold) have slow die, slow opening and other functions, simple. Cut down the hydraulic impact, ensure the accuracy of equipment, improve the product moral.
     7. Epoxy resin pressure moulding machine will automatically call the police as soon as the time comes.
     8, the mixing tank outlet and the rubber pipe through the quick joint, simple. 9. Stir a stepless variable speed motor from 1.5 kW to 3 kW with a timer to set the stirring time or timing.
    10, Epoxy resin molding machine warranty time is one year. The pressure molding machine of epoxy resin produced by our company has been well received by many customers. To receive large and large customers to order. Caller information epoxy pressure molding machine.



Item Technical data
Rated voltage (KV)       24 40.5
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Insulator(capacity) insulating Frequency withstand voltage 5 min (KV)       68 100
Frequency withstand voltage 1 min (V) 2000
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (KV)       125 185
Length 254mm
Dispute bend (N) ≥10000



24kV-250A/400A High Tension Epoxy Resin Switchgear Bushing / APG High Voltage Bushing 0